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09/22/2021 11:54 AM

Wormhole 2.0 ETH-SOL bridge latest in cross-chain boom

The Solana network’s leading interoperability protocol – Wormhole 2.0 – has officially launched a cross-chain bridge between Solana and Ethereum (ETH). The bridge will enable the transfer of digital assets between ERC-20 and SPL blockchains.
09/22/2021 10:58 AM

SEC’s Gensler says investors will be hurt on unregistered crypto exchanges

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler said cryptocurrency exchanges have to be registered with the agency. He warned that if they refuse, they could be prosecuted.
09/22/2021 08:03 AM

Fetch.ai set to rapidly scale says, CEO Humayun Sheikh

Fetch.ai and its native FET token are unleashing the power of blockchain-based machine learning artificial intelligence (AI).
09/21/2021 09:14 PM

Alchemy Pay integrates Chainlink price feeds

Binance-partnered payment gateway Alchemy Pay has integrated Chainlink price feeds. The move will provide wallet users with access to loans on DeFi platforms, as well as purchases and swaps on leading decentralised exchanges (DEXs).
09/21/2021 08:51 PM

PayPal UK introduces digital wallet with fund-raising app

PayPal has introduced a new intelligent digital wallet with a charity app for its users in the United Kingdom.
09/21/2021 08:32 PM

Bitcoin has intrinsic value, says Mike Novogratz

Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz has hit back at critics who say Bitcoin has no intrinsic value. The CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, speaking in a TV interview with CNBC, said Bitcoin’s value was in its social makeup.
09/21/2021 07:17 PM

India’s crypto boom triggered by Covid-19

The popularity of cryptocurrency in India has soared this year, with smaller cities in the nation becoming a hub for potential investors.
09/21/2021 04:19 PM

Chainlink adoption rates continue to prove its value

Decentralised Oracle provider Chainlink has now collaborated with more than 800 projects in the cryptocurrency industry. The projects comprise the full breadth of the industry, with the majority of integrations being DeFi projects across multiple cross-chain Layer-1 and Layer-2 platforms.
09/21/2021 12:56 PM

Apes and monkeys continue to dominate thriving Solana NFT space

Solana Monkey Business and the Degenerate Ape Academy continue to reign supreme as the burgeoning Solana ecosystem begins to attract NFT enthusiasts.
09/21/2021 12:00 PM

Balkans become fertile soil for crypto scams

The Balkans are fast-becoming a hotbed of crypto scams, owing to the region’s disjointed financial regulations. Cryptocurrency trading in the peninsula has risen dramatically, but the varying degrees of legal implementation across the Balkan nations are attracting a criminal element.
09/20/2021 11:21 PM

$12M worth of Bitcoin stolen in pNetwork hack

Cross-chain DeFi platform pNetwork has been hacked on Binance Smart Chain to the tune of approximately $12.7 million worth of Bitcoin. The company says 277 pBTC was drained from the exchange.
09/20/2021 09:39 PM

Coinbase begins catering to institutions through ‘Coinbase Prime’ platform

Coinbase has today officially launched its ‘Coinbase Prime’ platform to cater to the growing number of institutions purchasing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
09/20/2021 04:36 PM

Christine Lagarde slams crypto

European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde has branded cryptocurrency as “suspicious”. The French politician and lawyer says she regards digital assets as “highly speculative”, and pushed for widespread regulation.
09/20/2021 03:47 PM

Latest Bitcoin price and analysis (BTC to USD)

Bitcoin is on the brink of a brutal correction below $40,000 as the bear market narrative thrusts itself back into the spotlight.
09/20/2021 02:51 PM

Building crypto regulation around the world is a huge task

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology (DLT), is a tamper-evident and tamper-resistant digital ledger. This new and rising technology that enables direct transactions within a ledger doesn’t need a central authority or a third party.
09/20/2021 11:31 AM

El Salvador increases its Bitcoin holdings to 700 as price drops to $45k

El Salvador president Nayib Bukele has revealed that the nation ‘bought the dip’ during the latest pullback and has purchased a further 150 Bitcoin.
09/20/2021 10:21 AM

Erdogan’s war against Bitcoin

Recep Erdogan – the firebrand Turkish president – has declared war on Bitcoin.
09/17/2021 09:07 PM

PayPal initiates crypto function in the UK

US payment giant PayPal has launched its cryptocurrency service in the United Kingdom. From today, UK users will be able to buy, hold and sell digital currencies.
09/17/2021 04:53 PM

What is Arbitrum ?

Any application running on Ethereum is implemented via smart contracts – specialised computer programs.
09/17/2021 04:19 PM

SushiSwap Launchpad Miso exploited for $2.9m

The 864 Ether siphoned from SushiSwap’s Launchpad platform Miso has now been fully returned by the anonymous perpetrator. The Miso platform was exploited yesterday at approximately 4PM UTC, with the hacker stealing  Ethereum worth $2.9m.
09/17/2021 03:56 PM

NFTs – what are they good for?

The crypto world has been caught in an explosion of popularity in non-fungible tokens, with investors around the world flocking to OpenSeas as they scramble to bid on the latest digital art fads.
09/17/2021 12:48 PM

Latest Ripple price and analysis (XRP to USD)

Ripple’s controversial XRP token continues to trade above the psychological level of support of $1.00 as investors anticipate a long-awaited conclusion to Ripple’s ongoing case with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
09/17/2021 12:17 PM

Suits you! BAYC community get ready for Christie’s auction

Members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club community have started to ‘suit up’ to commemorate the landmark Christie’s auction that features a selection of suited BAYC NFTs.
09/17/2021 11:22 AM

Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto honoured with statue

Hungarian sculptors Gergely Réka and Tamás Gilly have unveiled a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto – the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.

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