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09/22/2021 06:01 PM

Altcoins see a 35% bounce after Bitcoin reclaims $43,000

LPT, COTI and AXS lead altcoins higher after ETH hits $3,000 and Bitcoin bulls take control of $43,000.

09/22/2021 06:00 PM

Additional compensation available for Cryptsy victims, court notice says

Those who lost money in a 2016 U.S. crypto exchange heist maybe be entitled to additional recoupment.

09/22/2021 05:00 PM

Crypto Twitter cries foul after noticing NBA star John Wall’s NFT has a Fortnite background

"Celebs really think they can come into an industry they know nothing about, never interact with the community, then launch a scam project they’ll abandon in three months?” questioned Twitter user 0x_fxnction.

09/22/2021 04:16 PM

eToro commits $1M to GoodDollar universal basic income project

Crypto-focused charities continue to grow. Through GoodDollar, eToro is targeting financial inclusion and literacy through a global UBI program.

09/22/2021 03:00 PM

Solana DEX raises $18M Series A from Three Arrows Capital, Coinbase Ventures

Several prominent investors took part in the Orca fundraiser, including Three Arrows Capital, Polychain and Coinbase Ventures.

09/22/2021 02:28 PM

One River Digital raises $41M from Goldman Sachs and Coinbase

One River Digital secures the first-ever raise to scale its crypto-focused institutional investment efforts.

09/22/2021 02:12 PM

Ohio to host BIT Mining's new 85 MW Bitcoin mining facility

BIT Mining Limited has entered into a joint venture agreement with Viking Data Centers to develop a Bitcoin mining site in Ohio.

09/22/2021 02:00 PM

Avalanche recovers from Evergrande-led sell-off as AVAX rebounds over 30%

The sharp bounce back in the Avalanche market still faces risks of exhaustion as the price forms a bearish wedge setup.

09/22/2021 01:26 PM

Bitcoin mining difficulty surges 31% since July

Mining new Bitcoin keeps getting harder, but the current difficulty is still far from its record highs.

09/22/2021 12:20 PM

54% of Salvadorans are not familiar with Bitcoin, survey suggests

A new survey suggests that most Salvadorans still don't have a clear understanding of Bitcoin or crypto.

09/22/2021 11:59 AM

NFTs could mark a resurgence in art galleries

Cointelegraph spoke to the founder of a London art gallery to discuss the cultural implications of welcoming NFTs into traditional art spaces.

09/22/2021 11:26 AM

SEC registrants seek DeFi and physically backed Bitcoin ETF approval

Amplify ETFs, Invesco and Galaxy submitted registrations to the U.S. SEC for Bitcoin and DeFi-based ETF offerings.

09/22/2021 11:05 AM

HSBC CEO backs CBDCs against crypto and stablecoins

Banking giant HSBC echoes global stablecoin concerns, calling for regulation to be equivalent to its adoption level.

09/22/2021 10:41 AM

10% of early-stage startups working on blockchain: GSER 2021

Blockchain-based startups continue to account for a significant proportion of newly established business entities across the globe.

09/22/2021 09:14 AM

Bitcoin miner Genesis Digital Assets raises $431M

Genesis Digital previously raised $125 million in an equity funding round led by Kingsway Capital in July 2021.

09/22/2021 09:03 AM

Bitcoin bounces again after briefly losing $40K support — Watch these BTC price levels

The Chinese property developer will soon be a “non-event,” one analyst says, with markets already shrugging off the story.

09/22/2021 08:59 AM

Nifty News: Snoop’s $17M NFT collection, movie sold as NFT, QAnon espouser sells tweets

NFT collector revealed to be Snoop Dogg, hybrid NFTs are coming, and an investor lost $300,000 in tokens to hackers.

09/22/2021 06:18 AM

Commodity strategist predicts Bitcoin ETF could get the nod in US next month

A Bitcoin ETF could be approved by U.S. regulators by October, according to Bloomberg Intelligence commodity strategist Mike McGlone.

09/22/2021 05:53 AM

Evergrande crisis: Buy the dip or bail? Pundits weigh in

Marty Bent, co-founder of Bitcoin mining firm Great American Mining, is glad to be hodling Bitcoin as uncertainty hangs over the legacy financial system

09/22/2021 05:49 AM

Bitcoin mining estimated to represent 0.9% of global carbon emissions in 2030

New York Digital Investment Group estimates that Bitcoin mining will not represent more than 0.4% of global electricity consumption over the next decade.

09/22/2021 03:25 AM

‘Extreme fear’ as Bitcoin price falls below $40K... and then bounces

While many analysts believe Bitcoin is destined for six figures if support at $40,000 can hold up, others are predicting an imminent bear cycle.

09/22/2021 02:10 AM

Key Bitcoin options 'fear' indicator reflects traders' regulatory concerns

On Tuesday, SEC Chair Gary Gensler re-confirmed his plan to crack down on cryptocurrencies, and traders’ regulatory concerns are confirmed by this key Bitcoin futures and options indicator.

09/21/2021 10:31 PM

CFTC commissioner: Agency doesn’t have enforcement resources without Congress

"We’re not necessarily looking for more authority without more resources," said Dan Berkovitz in regards to crypto markets.

09/21/2021 09:00 PM

Pundits say crashing floor prices and sell volume signal that ‘the NFT market has died’

High-profile NFT sales have dominated the headlines, but the deeper analysis shows that most NFTs are worthless and that the market is highly illiquid.

09/21/2021 08:00 PM

Sommelier partners with Mysten Labs to launch Cosmos smart contracts

Mysten Labs' engineers formerly created the blockchain network on Facebook's Diem and Novi crypto projects.

09/21/2021 07:30 PM

Ethereum's spot setup looks grim, but derivatives data tells a different story

Ether price is stuck in a rut, but derivatives data shows pro traders are bullish even with ETH below $3,000.

09/21/2021 07:15 PM

Smart contracts are coming to Bitcoin through Dfinity’s Internet Computer

Efforts to expand Bitcoin’s functionality for payments, smart contracts and Web 3.0 are well underway, opening the door to wider mainstream adoption.

09/21/2021 06:40 PM

SEC chair compares stablecoins to casino poker chips

"We’ve got a lot of casinos here in the Wild West, and the poker chip is these stablecoins at the casino gaming tables," said Gary Gensler.

09/21/2021 05:30 PM

US Treasury Dept sanctions crypto OTC broker Suex for alleged role in facilitating transactions for ransomware attacks

The government agency hinted at possible additional sanctions for "financial institutions, cyber insurance firms, and companies involved in digital forensics and incident response" that facilitated ransomware payments.

09/21/2021 05:30 PM

Fear & Greed Index suggests Bitcoin's price is undervalued

The technical analysis tool is popular amongst crypto traders hopeful of securing an insight in the markets psyche.

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