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09/18/2020 06:56 AM

Insane! Science Backed Method To Train Your Mouse Aim For FPS Games

If you are looking to improve your aim for your favorite competitive FPS title, chances are you’ve done your research about aim trainers, sensitivities, mice, input lag, and all the exciting ways to optimize your setup for that competitive edge. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been pretty obsessed myself with improving my skill in games like Fortnite, Valorant and Diabotical to name a few. All my questions about improving aim as a motor skill led me to the very beginning: How does our brain learn and improve a motor skill? Little did I know, there’s ample research out there
09/16/2020 01:10 PM

Find Fortnite Clan – A Directory of Top Fortnite Clans

Are you looking for a Fortnite clan or team to join? Chances the answer is yes if you’ve found this article via a google search. Look no further, because now there is a website that has a list of top clans and their discord groups, which you can join NOW! Introducing… FindFortniteClan.com Find Fortnite Clan is a simple and free to use directory website featuring the top Fortnite clans which are currently recruiting and are looking for players like YOU. Simply select the Fortnite clan you would like to join, and join their discord group. Keep in mind that each
09/05/2020 06:24 PM

Find Valorant Clans and List Your Own Team for Free

Now that Valorant has been out for quite some time, the players that are looking to take the game seriously and start competing on a professional levels have to find a clan / team to play with. Not only is Valorant a heavily team based game, but joining a professional or amateur Valorant clan is sure to help you improve at the game and ultimately win more. The problem is, where do players go to find Valorant teams to join? Sure there are gaming clan listing platforms out there, but they don’t focus on Valorant and the majority of the
09/02/2020 01:07 PM

The Lonliness Economy

Chronic loneliness can shorten lifespan by as much as 20 years – more than alcoholism or obesity. This epidemic is not new but it is still getting worse as Americans are getting increasingly lonely. In 2019, 61% of people felt lonely some or all the time, up from 54% of people feeling lonely in 2018. Most say that those around them do not share their interests, know them very well, or respect their abilities. All generations are feeling this loneliness, but the younger generations are more prone to feeling it as compared to older generations. But older generations are more
08/07/2020 01:56 PM

Ethereum Price Analysis for August 7th – ETH Still Eager to Grow

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, author at RoboForex Blog By Friday, August 7th, the ETH seems to gave lost its absolute confidence in further growth but its overall mood remains positive. This promises a chance of growth after the pause. Today the ETH is generally trading at 396 USD. On H4, the uptrend of the ETH has passed the level of 38.2% Fibo related to the preceding long-term declining wave. Technically speaking, there is a correction forming on the chart after swift growth. After the correction and a breakaway of the high at 415.26 USD, the next goal is likely to be 50.0%
08/06/2020 09:53 PM

XR: Virtual Sports are Solving the Pandemic Economy

The consumer market for extended reality tech is growing at an increasing rate and by 2023, the consumer market for extended reality devices and software is projected to reach $18 billion. This makes sense as today’s generation spends more time at home – Americans aged 18 to 24 years spend 70% more time at home then previous generations. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing most people to stay in their homes making this kind of tech even more popular than before.   Extended reality devices can help fill the gap that is created by people no longer
08/06/2020 02:45 PM

Bitcasino Pens Key Partnership with OneTouch, Multiple New Games Announced

Bitcoin Press Release: Mobile games supplier OneTouch to provide leading bitcoin casino Bitcasino with immersive table games offering. 5th August 2020 – Pioneering cryptocurrency casino operator, Bitcasino and mobile-first games developer OneTouch have announced an exciting new partnership. The agreement will see an engaging selection of OneTouch renowned table games go live on the popular online casino later this year, including live dealer Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack.   Founded in 2014, Bitcasino is the world’s first licensed Bitcoin-focused operator, with OneTouch’s latest commercial partnership boosting its appeal amongst a wide range of audiences.  Ollie Castleman, Head of Marketing at OneTouch voices his excitement on the
08/05/2020 04:50 AM

FPS boosting services on discord – are they worth it?

Looking through the official Valorant discord and browsing through the LFG chat, I noticed a message from a certain discord user named grunt that was offering services to help boost your game’s FPS and reduce input lag. Magic FPS Boost / Ping Reduction? Since I already researched as much as I could about FPS optimization, I was curious enough to try and find out what exactly grunt had to offer. I sent him a message asking to optimize my setup, without asking the specifics grunt replied that it would cost $29. I asked him if he had a portfolio or
08/04/2020 04:02 PM

HaruBank Celebrates One Year of Operations, Showing Strong Growth

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain-based digital asset depository service HaruBank celebrates 1 year of giving users market-leading interest rates, with transacted volumes of over $30,000,000 in the last 12 months. 3rd August, 2020, Singapore – After an incredible 12 months of ground-breaking work in the decentralised finance arena, HaruBank have today announced transactions totalling $30,000,000 made via their platform. The news comes after a significant funding announcement in June of this year signalling good progress and a commitment to developing the HaruBank ecosystem, which looks set to provide access to digital asset investment for new and experienced users alike. The news comes as part of HaruBank’s Annual Growth Index,
08/04/2020 04:00 PM

Sceptre Monitor Review – 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor (C275B-144RN)

Note: This review is in no way sponsored by Sceptre. I had no contact with the company and bought the monitor at full price from Amazon As I started to get more into competitive esports, I realized my 60Hz PS4 Monitor wasn’t cutting it. I decided to upgrade by BenQ RL2455 monitor to a 144Hz+ refresh PC gaming monitor. After shopping on Amazon for hours, I decided to take a chance on a brand I’ve never heard of before – Sceptre. What initially turned me off about this Sceptre monitor were the reviews that claimed the quality wasn’t there. However,

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